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Belize Cave Tubing - Cruise Critic Member Reviews Belize Cave Tubing - Cruise Critic Member Reviews
  "Absolutely the Best Adventure Ever!!"  
  I have to say, I really enjoyed the cave tubing but the 4 wheelers made my day! There is nothing like riding thru the rainforest and seeing it's awesome beauty and feeling the rush of adrenaline as you zip around over trails and muddy paths before you move on to the cool water of the caves. I would have to say hands down, this was my favorite activity and I will definitely do it again.
Cave Tubing in Belize  is Awesome!


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Jungle ATV Adventure

Join us on an exciting ATV Jungle Adventure! Explore private jungle terrain just 3 miles from the Nohoch Che'en Archaeological Reserve (Caves Branch) while having fun with the whole family. No driver's license necessary and all ages welcome. Young children can ride along with an adult and our guides are on hand to offer support for first-time ATV riders.

Enhance your Cave Tubing Experience with our ATV Tour! Our private ATV park is just a short drive from the Caves Branch Archaeological Reserve, located in Frank's Eddy Village, halfway between the Western Highway (Mile 37) and the Reserve. It's easy to find us if you're traveling by car..

Map & Directions: ATV Park & Jungle Palapa

Combo tours include:

  • ATV + Cave-Tubing,
  • ATV + Zipline
  • ATV + Cave-Tubing + Zipline.

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